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Camp Inquiry: A Summer-Camp for Skeptical Kids

Posted by mattusmaximus on May 14, 2009

In the spirit of promoting both skepticism & good education, I wanted to give a quick shout out to a group of folks who are working hard at instilling both in young people: the fine folks at Camp Inquiry.

Briefly, Camp Inquiry is a summer camp for youth which helps foster humanistic, scientific, and critical thinking skills in the children who attend.  The goal of the Camp is not “secular indoctrination”, but the promotion & development of critical inquiry among the kids.  Campers at Camp Inquiry come from many different backgrounds, including religious backgrounds. There are also various kinds of activities teacher-counselors and children engage in at Camp Inquiry, including magic, games, science experiments, workshops, skeptical investigations and secular ethical inquiry.

For more information on Camp Inquiry, visit their website, or listen to a recent Point Of Inquiry podcast interview with Camp Director Angie McQuaig. And if you know anyone who might be interested (parents or kids), pass the info along to them  🙂

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