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Good News from Texas: McLeroy Gets the Boot!

Posted by mattusmaximus on May 29, 2009

For the last few months, I have been following the fight against creationists in Texas on this blog. Well today the side of science & reason won a big fight – the chairman of the Texas Board of Education, noted creationist & right-wing whackjob Don McLeroy, has just lost his bid in the Texas legislature to be confirmed for another term! 😀

McLeroy Fail

This is great news, mostly because it shows that the legislature in Texas seems to have grown a spine and is now standing up to the creationist right-wingers. It seems that McLeroy’s antics and wild statements concerning the nature of science & education have rubbed enough lawmakers the wrong way – I suppose there’s a reason folks like McLeroy try to do their dirty work behind closed doors, because if people saw how they really think they’d rightfully conclude that such people have absolutely no business dictating how children get taught science.

For just a taste of the frothing nuttiness that spews from the mouths of creationists, take a look at this Youtube video of Don McLeroy discussing his views on science, evolution, and education…

It gets worse from there.  Thanks to the National Center for Science Education, there is a whole series of Youtube videos of McLeroy displaying his ignorance for all to see.

If you’re interested, you can read the highlights of the debate on McLeroy’s confirmation at the Texas Freedom Network’s blog. It gives a play by play of the discussion that took place this afternoon in the Texas Senate, and some of the dialogue there is very revealing.

Of course, we aren’t all the way out of the woods yet in Texas.  There is a very dedicated and entrenched creationist culture there, and McLeroy’s replacement will be nominated by Gov. Rick Perry, who is also a crazy right-wing creationist, but Perry will have a harder time stacking the Texas BoEd with these loons now.

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