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The “Ghost” of Michael Jackson

Posted by mattusmaximus on July 6, 2009

Oh please… apparently, the ghost of Michael Jackson is now making the rounds.  That is, according to numerous slavering fans who have apparently thrown their brains right out the window.

I mean, we all knew it was going to happen (just like it has with other famous people, like Elvis), but I was holding out hope that it might take at least a bit longer than this so the news cycle wouldn’t have another reason to go on and on and on about MJ.  Arrrgh.

Anyway, here is the news story is making the rounds on the Internet (say, he sort of does look like a ghost)…

Ghost of Michael Jackson cures fan of fatal illness?

One rather expected consequence of the passing of the ‘King of Pop’, Michael Jackson is a rash of alleged sightings of Jackson’s ghost.

From the Philippines to Mexico, From Japan to the United States fans have been claiming to have been visited by Michael’s spirit.

Good grief!  As if this isn’t bad enough, it seems that some folks are making even crazier claims – namely that the King of Pop has miraculously cured them of their ailments!

Angelina Ramos, aged 38, a beautician and Manila native has been a serious Jackson fan ‘all her life’.  Last year never-married Angelina contracted a rare blood disease. Doctors gave her a ninety percent chance of not surviving for more than a year.

Angelina was shattered when her hero died. Two days after Jackson’s passing Angelina woke up at night and felt a presence in her bedroom. She sat up and felt a hand pull her back down. She looked up and she saw her hero.

‘He looked radiant, at peace, absolutely beautiful. It was Michael for sure. He had a warm smile on his on his face’ said Angelina.

‘I was both stunned and at the same time uplifted’

I wonder how long until there are calls for the Vatican to give MJ sainthood?  But, believe me folks, it gets even better…

The article goes on to state that perhaps the ghost of MJ was actually caught on film during a segment of the Larry King Live show:

Meanwhile it has been reported that Michael Jackson’s ghost might have been picked up during Larry Kings recent tour of Neverland (video below).

‘Note the shadow at 8.22. Probably just one of the crew but who knows’ concluded Cohen.

Here’s the video. Like supposed “paranormal personality” Michael Cohen states, if you watch at 8:22 in the video you will see a shadow move across the wall at the back of the hallway…

If you look closely at the video, you can clearly see how the shadow is just that… a shadow.  Based upon the angle of the light and the motion of the shadow, it is just likely that someone walked briefly in front of a light.  But notice the cop-out at the end of Cohen’s statement: “… but who knows?”

By dangling the “who knows?” out there, Cohen and his fellow woo-meisters feed into the belief that there are such things as ghosts and that they can perform miracles.  Of course, a simple application of Occam’s Razor can easily cut through this ghost nonsense, especially since there is an easy & plausible explanation for what the video shows.

But that isn’t good enough for Cohen or the believers, because despite all the evidence that Michael Jackson is just plain dead & gone, they will contort their thinking in all manner of ways to keep their belief going.  The next thing you know, a “Search for MJ’s Ghost” special will be aired on some stupid ghost-hunting show that specializes in pseudoscientific nonsense. Wow.

4 Responses to “The “Ghost” of Michael Jackson”

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  2. cheezloli said

    People are just trying to grab a second of fame at MJ’s expense.

  3. jessica said

    That is the picture from when he did the movie called Ghost, I don’t think it’s right to use it as saying is this Michael’s ghost? Leave the poor man alone

  4. jubakala said

    One begins to feel himself old when his childhood idols start to past away in an increasing pace… R.I.P. Jacko, you were truly phenomenal!

    The Michael Jackson Discography Guy

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