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Amazing Skeptical Smackdown of Homeopathy!

Posted by mattusmaximus on February 8, 2010

(Hat tip to Phil over at Skeptic Money for passing this little gem along 🙂 )

Below is some footage from a BBC show called Dragon’s Den, where would-be entrepreneurs make a sales pitch to the assembled judges about why their idea is worth funding.  In this case, a homeopathic doofus pitches his “miracle water” to them using the standard alt-med, “natural is good” woo-woo, with disastrous results.  What follows is, to me, an excellent example of in-your-face skepticism in action – with the perfect combination of hard questioning, demands for evidence & research, and moral outrage.  Take a look…

3 Responses to “Amazing Skeptical Smackdown of Homeopathy!”

  1. ObSciGuy said

    Ha! Good to know it’ll help with “Prostrate” problems @ [1:37]

    I like they come right out and call him “the classic snake oil salesmen” — thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Don said

    That really is quite amazing. I’m honestly surprised they savaged him so badly.

  3. Adrian said

    Just a point, the show is on CBC, not BBC

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