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International Panel & Royal Society Find No Fraud in “Climategate”

Posted by mattusmaximus on April 16, 2010

I blogged recently about the conclusion of one of three independent investigations into the so-called Climategate concerning claims of fraud and cover-up of climate science data.  As I mentioned in that first entry (titled “Climategate Ends With a Fizzle”), that investigation found absolutely no evidence of fraud. Now the second investigation, conducted by an international panel of experts in conjunction with the Royal Society, has come to similar conclusions.

Here is the entire report from the Royal Society.

And here are a few key findings…

The Panel was set up by the University in consultation with the Royal Society to assess the integrity of the research published by the Climatic Research Unit in the light of various external assertions. …

We saw no evidence of any deliberate scientific malpractice in any of the work of the Climatic Research Unit and had it been there we believe that it is likely that we would have detected it. Rather we found a small group of dedicated if slightly disorganised researchers who were ill-prepared for being the focus of public attention. As with many small research groups their internal procedures were rather informal. …

We cannot help remarking that it is very surprising that research in an area that depends so heavily on statistical methods has not been carried out in close collaboration with professional statisticians. Indeed there would be mutual benefit if there were closer collaboration and interaction between CRU and a much wider scientific group outside the relatively small international circle of temperature specialists. …

It was not the immediate concern of the Panel, but we observed that there were important and unresolved questions that related to the availability of environmental data sets. It was pointed out that since UK government adopted a policy that resulted in charging for access to data sets collected by government agencies, other countries have followed suit impeding the flow of processed and raw data to and between researchers. This is unfortunate and seems inconsistent with policies of open access to data promoted elsewhere in government. …

A host of important unresolved questions also arises from the application of Freedom of Information legislation in an academic context. We agree with the CRU view that the authority for releasing unpublished raw data to third parties should stay with those who collected it. …

Now that’s two separate, independent investigations which have cleared the CRU and Dr. Jones of the outlandish claims of various global warming deniers. To date, the response I’ve seen from the deniers tends to be along the lines of…

7 Responses to “International Panel & Royal Society Find No Fraud in “Climategate””

  1. The insiders at seem to disagree, what do you think?

    And anyway, global warming (really by solar output flux) causes more evaporation off the oceans for more cooling cloudcover, so the global warming alarmists’ concerns are much ado about nothing, merely trying to control economies.

    • mattusmaximus said

      What does “controlling economies” have to do with climate change science? You, as well as the folks at Climate Depot, seem much more interested in spinning ideologically-driven conspiracy theories as opposed to examining the actual science involved.

      Btw, for the lurkers, concerning the whole question of cloud cover & cooling (also known as the albedo effect), I suggest this link:

      Here’s a question for you… why do you think that two separate & independent investigations have now shown there was no fraud at all in the so-called Climategate? I’m guessing that your response will include one or more of the following: cover-up, conspiracy, or whitewash. Because, at the end of the day, that’s all you and other science-deniers have… crappy little conspiracy theories.

  2. No, increased evaporation off water, the ocean, because of any solar output increases, the increased cloudcover thereby cools the atmosphere back down, a negative feedback mechanism in the hyrdrologic cycle, rendering “global warming” senseless.

    • mattusmaximus said

      You obviously didn’t bother looking at the link I provided, which shows that your argument is full of crap.

      But then, I didn’t post it for you because I knew you wouldn’t read it. It’s for the lurkers.

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