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“The Secrets of Scientology” Documentary Exposes the Cult

Posted by mattusmaximus on September 30, 2010

I just finished watching a new documentary from the BBC titled “The Secrets of Scientology”, and I wanted to share it with you all here.  In it, investigative reporter John Sweeney interviews former members – from rank-and-file members to some of the most high-ranking church officials – about their time in the Church of Scientology, its practices, its secrets, and its abuses. After watching this documentary, I think it is safe to say the Church of Scientology is rightly classified as a dangerous & abusive, money-grubbing cult. See for yourself…

5 Responses to ““The Secrets of Scientology” Documentary Exposes the Cult”

  1. limey said

    I remember watching the first one, made famous by ‘that’ scene so it was nice to see a follow up one with confirmation of some of what goes on.

    I would have like to have had some more detail on the mechanics of how they get up to what they, like the process they go through when tailing John. I think knowing miniute details to like that could be useful.

    But yes, good to see confirmation of how insidious they can be. The breaking up of families is disgusting. In fact, dictating to people that they should sever all close links with non-scientology people really should be a red flag marker that its a cult.

  2. ANON said

    This was a shocking exposé into the world of cults and the way in which they manipulate people. Totally shocking, because of coming out of a cult myself. Like other responses I too was an educoist from the shocking world of Tony Quinn and see so many things that were so similar it was frightening. Without really truly appreciating the mindless bending of information and portrayal as good and how evil it is.

    Tony Quinn and his educo cult is the poor man’s cousin of scientology and it is a stark and sharp reminder for any people who are seriously looking at the evil that he causes. It is time that further exposés of this sort are brought out by high quality productions of integrity such as John Sweeney at the BBC. Well done Panorama.

  3. Yes, this documentary was really helped by the fact that Sweeney was able to talk to other people and have that direct insiders insight to the inner workings of the church. And I liked the idea that you could also hear what people had to say having left the ‘church’ but still remained Scientologists.

  4. “…a dangerous & abusive, money-grubbing cult.”

    That pretty much characterizes all religion, doesn’t it?

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