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Anti-Vaccinationists’ PSA Won’t Be Aired by AMC Theaters!

Posted by mattusmaximus on November 25, 2010

A few days ago when I mentioned that “It’s time to kick some ass…” on the issue of the anti-vaccine scumbags at Age of Autisum and SafeMinds trying to run a pseudoscientific & fearmongering anti-vaccine ad in theaters nationwide, I meant it.  And apparently you did as well, because collectively we have kicked some major woo ass, folks!

I just found out that the Age of Autism organization has their knickers in a bunch because, apparently, they’ve been told by AMC Theaters that the company will NOT be airing their “public service announcement” this weekend after all…

Why Was this PSA Rated X?

SafeMinds was notified late yesterday afternoon that AMC Theaters has decided to block the SafeMinds Public Service Announcement (PSA) on influenza vaccines with mercury. The PSA alerts parents and pregnant women of the presence of mercury in most influenza vaccines and the ample availability of mercury-free alternatives. The CDC has declined to give a preference for the mercury-free versions, so it is important that the public is aware of its options. AMC’s advertising representative had reviewed and approved the PSA to run in AMC cinemas over the Thanksgiving weekend. A small group of vocal vaccine proponents dismissive of mercury concerns learned of the PSA and bombarded the AMC website, leading to the company’s decision to prevent its release. SafeMinds thanks its supporters who viewed the PSA and contributed to its efforts to educate the public to avoid unnecessary mercury exposure. Mercury in all forms is dangerous, especially to the developing fetus and infants, as referenced on the PSA website SafeMinds will continue its mission to educate the public on this important healthcare topic. …

Now, in their fit of whining, the Age of Autism people are encouraging their followers to boycott AMC theaters.  In response, I say we encourage everyone we know to attend an AMC theater this weekend; I also suggest that you consider writing a letter to the company stating how happy you are that they made the right decision in pulling this dangerous ad from circulation in their theaters.  I think perhaps a quick way to do this is to leave feedback at this website, the same website where earlier complaints about the anti-vax ad were left earlier this week.

Congratulations folks, we did it – this is a testament to grassroots skepticism in action that makes a real difference for everyone 🙂

Please note: I have no idea if any other theater chains (such as Regal or Sony) potentially involved in airing this ad have followed AMC’s lead.  If anyone has any information on this, please share it with me.

7 Responses to “Anti-Vaccinationists’ PSA Won’t Be Aired by AMC Theaters!”

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  2. Chris said

    Give thanks:

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  5. Craig said

    I don’t get it. The safeminds website doesn’t look like anti-vaccine propaganda to me, just concern that many of the vaccines contain thimerosal. I admit I don’t know much about thimerosal, but is it heresy for an organization to recommend one type of vaccine over another? Both options are available, right?

    • mattusmaximus said

      Actually, Craig, if you look into the history of both SafeMinds and Age of Autism, they clearly have a history of distorting facts with regards to vaccines and are, at their core, anti-vaccine. They usually conceal their true intentions behind subtle marketing, such as their PSA, where they gave visuals of a vaccine syringe next to large blobs of liquid mercury, as if that is what’s being injected. The “pro-choice” language they hide behind is a mask for their beliefs that something about vaccines causes autism, despite the fact that there is no evidence to support their claims. When it has been pointed out to many of these people that thimerosal had been removed from the vast majority of vaccines in the United States & Europe and autism rates still went up afterward, many of them claim that it must have been something else in the vaccines. The thought that they were wrong to begin with doesn’t enter their thinking.

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