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Bogus Power Balance Bracelets Get PWNed

Posted by mattusmaximus on January 22, 2011

Have you heard about the “Power Balance” bracelet?  It is a supposedly amazing device which, when worn, apparently confers to the wearer greater strength, balance, and flexibility!  Amazing!!!  Just watch this video “proving” the wonders of the Power Balance technology!

The Power Balance technology is supposed to work by…

… harnessing naturally occurring frequencies by programing them into a Mylar hologram.

That’s a quote directly from the Power Balance video above, and it’s complete and utter garbage. Firstly, as a physics professor, I can tell you that the goober in the video peddling this nonsense (and his bosses manufacturing and marketing it) don’t know the first damn thing about “naturally occurring frequencies” or “holograms” – if they did they wouldn’t be putting them into the same sentence.

Second, it is quite easy to definitively show that this whole Power Balance scheme is just a big, fat scam.  Just take a look at how skeptic Richard Saunders and his crew at the SkepticZone demonstrate how the scam works…

Third, it’s not just skeptics like me and Richard Saunders pointing out the scam, but it seems the law in the United States is catching up with the Power Balance charlatans as well.  Just look at this article at the Podblack Cat blog 🙂

Power Balance Bracelet Facing USA Class-Action Lawsuit

It’s official – if you’re in the USA and brought a Power Balance bracelet, you can sign up at

And be a part of the nationwide class-action lawsuit against the makers of the Power Balance bracelet.

Wow, that’s a triple whammy.  Spread the word far and wide about this scam, because these charlatans are actively marketing & selling this bogus product to far too many gullible customers.  Folks, you might as well burn your money for all the good it’ll do you.  In short, I think it is appropriate to deliver the following message to the Power Balance company…

3 Responses to “Bogus Power Balance Bracelets Get PWNed”

  1. odcinkowo said

    I like your posts ; )

  2. […] Channel Jumps on the "Ghost Hunting" Woo BandwagonFirewalking is Just Physics, Not MysticismBogus Power Balance Bracelets Get PWNedRemember, Remember the 5th of November: Anonymous Continues Protests of ScientologyElectromagnetic […]

  3. I’m glad to see someone else wasn’t fooled by these things. I knew as soon as I saw the demonstration for the first time that they were fake, I’d like to think of myself as an amateur illusionist and the balance manipulation is an easy way to claim you have a magic power or item since you can do it to anybody. My buddy was kinda shocked when I did it to him and used a spoon as the “magic strength enhancer” after seeing that his dad got him one of those bracelets as a gift.

    I do find it sort of funny that there is a class action lawsuit against them though; since, to my knowledge, they never claimed to treat or cure anything. But it is nice to see them get what’s commin’ to them.

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