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Darwin Day & Evolution Weekend 2011 Approaches

Posted by mattusmaximus on January 26, 2011

Every year around February, skeptics & science boosters of all stripes join together to celebrate the birthday of Charles Darwin (February 12th) in a series of events outlining evolution & science in general.  I wanted to share with you a couple of good Internet outlets which try to help people connect & organize for these events.  So take some time to look for an event near you, or consider creating your own…

The Clergy Letter Project & Evolution Weekend — Despite what a lot of creationists claim, there are a lot of people out there who both believe in God and accept the science of evolution.  These people are organizing into a series of events during the weekend closest to Darwin’s birthday, and many of the events involve speeches and sermons at religious houses of worship.

The International Darwin Day Foundation — For those of a slightly more secular bent, events commemorating Darwin’s birthday and contributions to science  can also be found here.  In fact, the folks at the IDDF have put together a neat little video outlining why we should all celebrate Darwin Day…

One Response to “Darwin Day & Evolution Weekend 2011 Approaches”

  1. IntelligentAnimation said

    Darwin is the biggest disgrace in the history of science. He thought he created a perpetual creation machine, but his “selection” has been rightly discredited as a fallacy. It is a subtractive filter incapable of adding anything constructive whatsoever. It is basically saying “We live because we didn’t die.” Utter buffoonery.
    Since you can’t select anything that doesn’t already exist, Darwinism relies 100% on rank luck to arrange materials into a planet-load of animating, reproducing, thinking beings. Good “luck”, Darwinists.

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