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They Might Be Giants: Science Is Real!

Posted by mattusmaximus on March 9, 2011

I just had to share this in a quick post: one of my favorite musical groups from the 1990s – They Might Be Giants – has a neat video about science out on Youtube.  It’s called “Science Is Real” – check it out 🙂

One Response to “They Might Be Giants: Science Is Real!”

  1. limey said

    They released this as an CD album and I highly recommend it. As well as a CD you get a DVD with cartoon videos of all the tracks.

    I bought it last year for my daughter when she saw a TV advert for it (she was 5 at the time) and I must say its taken to it very well. She will dig out the DVD to watch and to show to baby-sitters and it will often be the music of choice in the car on a long journey. It really is a jolly good album that the whole family can sing along to, and we do!

    Some of the songs have provoked some interesting conversations too. The elements song talks about squashing carbon into diamonds, which resulted in the request to get some coal so that we could make a diamond at home. The last song about Davey Crocket in outer space has me genuinely laughing, sadly my daughter is still too young to understand that one and now thinks Davey Crocket was the first man on the moon.

    All in though, the album is utterly fantastic and I recommend it highly for all parents and non-parents.

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