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Vaccination Clinic at TAM9 is a Great Success!

Posted by mattusmaximus on July 20, 2011

Once again, I would like to toot my own skeptical horn 🙂  This past weekend at The Amaz!ng Meeting 9 a group of organizations – the Women Thinking Free Foundation, the James Randi Educational Foundation, Skepchick, and the Southern Nevada Health District – worked to bring a free vaccine clinic to the conference.  And boy did we kick all kinds of ass!  Look, I have photographic evidence…

Me and Bad Astronomer Phil Plait, kicking ass with our official Hug Me gear (T-shirts and teddy bears for sale via the WTFF)!

Photo Credit: Jamie Bernstein a.k.a. The Original Skeptical Ninja

Like the WTFF’s previous clinic at Dragon*Con last September, we offered free TDaP vaccinations for anyone who came into the clinic (TDaP stands for “tetanus, diptheria, and pertussis”) and it was also part of the WTFF’s “Hug Me, I’m Vaccinated!” campaign to reach out to the general population, and parents in particular, about the need for vaccines and how anti-vaccinationist propaganda can be deadly.

At the Dragon*Con clinic, we vaccinated over 200 people in two days, which was – according to the clinic workers – a massively successful clinic.  But we aren’t satisfied with that success, which became apparent when our clinic at TAM9 blew that record away by vaccinating a whopping 306 people in 5.5 hours!  W00t!!! 🙂

A lot of people came up to me during the clinic and thanked me and my skeptical colleagues at the WTFF and JREF for doing this work, but I have to say that one of the biggest reasons why we can do this at all is because of the generous support from people like you.  We want to keep doing these clinics, and we’re planning to do another one at Dragon*Con 2011 – but we cannot do it without your support.  So please consider making a donation to this worthy cause…


Thanks again for all your support – YOU kick ass! 😀

Photo Credit: Jamie Bernstein a.k.a. The Original Skeptical Ninja

7 Responses to “Vaccination Clinic at TAM9 is a Great Success!”

  1. Ticktock said

    I just want to thank you guys for all you do. I think it really makes a difference. I would love to see more vaccine clinics in conventions that are not necessarily skeptic-related; hope that is part of the plan.

    Anyway, you all are awesome!

  2. Jamie said

    Those are some great photos Matt! You should consider giving credit to the photographer. Otherwise you’ll be just like Paul Provenza the time he stole my picture to use to sell his book.

    • mattusmaximus said

      Oops, thanks for the heads up on that. Sorry.

      Wow, Paul Provenza is a douche.

      • Jamie said

        Thank you, Matt! It was Provenza’s PR person who thought it was ok to just take my photo and use it to sell his book without asking. After I wrote to her, she credited me, but honestly, a PR person should know better.

  3. jeffwagg said

    I think these clinics are a great example of doing something worthwhile to promote skepticism.

  4. Ken said

    I would have gotten one while there, but was worried about getting autism….

    (seriously, it was nice meeting you – keep up the good work)

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