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Even More “Sh*t Skeptics Say” (parts 2 and 3)

Posted by mattusmaximus on February 1, 2012

As if their first YouTube video, “Sh*t Skeptics Say” wasn’t hilarious enough, the skeptical comedians over at Skeptically Pwned have followed that up with two more videos guaranteed to make you LOL.  Enjoy! 🙂


3 Responses to “Even More “Sh*t Skeptics Say” (parts 2 and 3)”

  1. secpoel said

    Reblogged this on shedevr.

  2. John Rael said

    Thanks again for sharing!

  3. Ron Murphy said

    Yes, thank you. This has increased the content of my argument amo box by about 80% Now, I’m off to the nearest holistic drug store to find some religious UFO conspiracist who has his furniture laid out nicely.

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