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“Skeptical About Climate Skeptics” from NCSE

Posted by mattusmaximus on June 17, 2012

As many of you know, one of the best pro-science groups out there is the National Center for Science Education; they specialize in defending the teaching of evolutionary science while simultaneously battling attempts by creationists to push their non-scientific ideas into the public schools.  However, in recent months the NCSE has brought its expertise into a new fight: the climate science wars.  Many climate science deniers employ the same kinds of tactics in their denial of global warming as creationists apply in their denial of evolution, and the NCSE decided it was time to start exposing these pseudo-scientific tactics.  So, to help facilitate this process, I wanted to share with you a talk by NCSE’s climate expert Mark McCaffrey wherein he dissects climate change denial; the use of doubt, delay, and denial; myths and misperceptions deniers push, and more…

3 Responses to ““Skeptical About Climate Skeptics” from NCSE”

  1. The NCSE link is pointing to the wrong group. It should be
    Best, Robert

  2. […] a move since climate denailists tend to use many of the same rhetorical tactics as creationists. The Skeptical Teacher has a video from Mark McCaffrey, the NCSE’s climate expert. BTW, they are currently looking […]

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