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EVP Patrol Squad: When Parody is Indistinguishable from Woo

Posted by mattusmaximus on November 3, 2012

I just ran across this parody of the “History” Channel by some folks calling themselves the EVP Patrol Squad.  They are spoofing the various pseudoscientific “experts” that are regularly paraded out on that channel in favor of various ancient alien, paranormal, and ghostly claims.  The funny thing is that if you actually watch some of the stuff on the History Channel, it is so goofy that it almost seems that this is straight from one of their shows – so this is good evidence of Poe’s Law.  Enjoy! 🙂

I don’t know about you all, but I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to look a sporks the same again.  The horror… THE HORROR!!!

2 Responses to “EVP Patrol Squad: When Parody is Indistinguishable from Woo”

  1. Anaglyph said

    You might like this post I wrote when I was in the US a couple of years back:

    Especially the outcome of the so called ‘investigation’ which features a piece of slapstick involving EVP that truly had to be seen to be believed.

  2. The Expulsion Of Gods said

    Indeed, it seems that Sumner Redstone, owner of the once admirable but now defunct so-called “history channel” seems to be aligned with the christian Reich to such a degree, that it’s no longer to be a trusted source for anything.

    I’ll never watch it again…at least until it’s out of the hands of, redstone.

    Nice articles, by the way. And thanks.

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