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Fox News Nails It on Ebola

Posted by mattusmaximus on October 16, 2014

Ebola is in the news, and unfortunately too many people are speculating and panicking about this terrible disease.  And even more unfortunate, there are far too many media professionals who are reporting the news on Ebola in a completely irresponsible manner.  In the spirit of lighting candles rather than cursing the darkness, I would like to share an example of very good reporting on this matter from Shepard Smith at Fox News.  I don’t often agree with commentary on Fox News, but this just nails it. Folks, get your flu shot, and stop panicking about Ebola; get more facts here:

One Response to “Fox News Nails It on Ebola”

  1. Woody said

    Good to get an assuring message. The health profession (at least in this country) is taking the steps it can, the training, the drills, to ensure that we are prepared, I know.
    I was unsettled in the first weeks of it. Apart from the fact that the deadly spread of this disease is very unsettling on it’s own, it was confusing as well. Politicians, news reporters and others were telling us definitively that the virus is only transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids. Yet shortly after the arrival of an Ebola victim in the states, news was then coming in about health workers who had worked with the patient suspected of contracting the virus, despite the amount of protective apparel that they wear for such jobs.
    Now we are learning about the stages of the onset of Ebola and how the virus is contagious only in the later, symptom marked stage of the process.
    Right or wrong, I have always felt unsure of the whole ‘only through the exchange of bodily fluids’ thing.
    My medical knowledge about virus transmission may need tuning up. Good to hear frank, rational and medically responsible talk from Fox News.

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