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New JREF eBook: Magic in the Classroom

Posted by mattusmaximus on February 25, 2015

I’ve been teaching physics, astronomy, and math at both the high school and college level for about 18 years. And in that time I’ve made a number of contributions to the intersection of skepticism and education. I’m proud to say that one of them is a my part in a new ebook published by the James Randi Educational Foundation, available for free download. Please pass this along to any educator whom you know is interested in preserving and encouraging scientific and critical thinking in the classroom 🙂

New eBook: Magic in the Classroom

Magic in the Classroom

The JREF is pleased to offer a new eBook for educators

Magic in the Classroom is a collection of essays by educators across the curriculum who are using extraordinary claims to teach critical thinking. Editor Robert Blaskiewicz gathers the contributions of fourteen authors from the James Randi Educational Foundation’s Swift Blog who write on topics ranging from popular culture, psychology, linguistics, evolution, exobiology, history, folklore, and many more. Together these essays represent the work of a vibrant skeptical culture in education that is bringing critical thinking skills to students across the curriculum.


One Response to “New JREF eBook: Magic in the Classroom”

  1. Woody said

    Thanks for the free download, mattusmaximus!.
    While I no longer work in education, I still appreciate it’s value. Teaching of critical thinking is something I see a huge lack of in curriculum but a real hope for among skeptical bloggers.
    Like Gordon, host of ‘Skeptophilia has expressed, critical thinking is a valuable trait.
    By chance I discovered ‘The Skeptical Teacher’ and ‘Skeptophilia’ on the skeptical links section of the ‘Skeptic’s dictionary’, back when it had a skeptical links section. I’m so glad I found these blogs. My personal knowledge and supply of wonderful downloaded material has benefited dramatically.

    All the best,

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