The Skeptical Teacher

Musings of a science teacher & skeptic in an age of woo.

Good Links

Here’s a collection of good scientific & skeptical links to various topics. If you ever have a suggestion for another link, please let me know.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Bad Alien

Bad Astronomy

Bad Science Blog

Blog of Phyz

Circular Reasoning: The Skeptics’ Circle

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

Critical Teaching Education Group

Foxhole Atheist

ICBS Everywhere

James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF)

Mens Critica (Critical Thinking)

National Center for Science Education

NeuroLogica Blog

Panda’s Thumb


PodBlack Cat

Randi’s Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds & Hoaxes


Scam Busters

Science Debate

Science-Based Medicine

Skeptic Money

Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe


Skepticism in the Classroom


The Clergy Letter Project – Evolution Weekend

The Skeptic’s Dictionary

The Skeptics Society

The TalkOrigins Archive

Understanding Science

Urban Legends Reference Pages

What the Hell was That?

What’s the Harm?

Why Is Science Important?


5 Responses to “Good Links”

  1. Matt,
    Great list thanks for putting my little blog in it.


  2. Thought you and I could swap links. My audience is mainly AP science teachers in Alabama with an empahsis on life science (AP Bio and AP Env. Science). It’s good to see another teacher blogging on wordpress.


  3. Martha Sammaciccia said

    Hi, I just searched my name, Martha Sammaciccia. Why am I mentioned in the opening search title for an article about Sylvia Browne?

    • mattusmaximus said

      Because you made an earlier comment on the blog post, and that’s the way Google rolls, apparently.

  4. Saj Devshi said

    Hi Matt,

    I wondered (if it wasn’t too much trouble) if you wouldn’t mind including a link to my social science blog within this links section. Its a blog I started 15 months ago for psychology students teaching them to learn from home and its grown to become popular among college students. I would be incredibly grateful too for the recognition on your blog as I try grow it further; the website is and is known as Loopa Psychology.

    Either way thanks for your time and keep up the good work 🙂


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