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Psychic Gary Spivey Mega-Fail on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Posted by mattusmaximus on April 4, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me how psychics and their ilk manage to persist, despite numerous moments of spectacular fail – such is the nature of cognitive dissonance with the psychics & their followers.  Well, at least we can have a little fun with it… A few days ago (on March 31st), just for a little bit of skeptical fun, Jimmy Kimmel had a psychic named Gary Spivey on his show to make a series of Final Four picks for the NCAA tournament.  Of course, as Kimmel outlines in his opening remarks, most of these games had already taken place, and some of the “teams” (such as Balboa and Flanders) don’t even exist!  Watch as master psychic Gary Spivey makes his predictions…

That’s pretty damn funny, if you ask me.  I will give Gary Spivey one thing, however: he’s got the most wicked-cool looking hairdo EVER!!! 🙂

Message to Gary Spivey…

5 Responses to “Psychic Gary Spivey Mega-Fail on Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

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  3. Glen Green said

    The video is returning the message, “This video is private”. 😦

  4. Gary Spivey probably had his legal ‘team’ get the video taken down… or Jimmy Kimmel had it taken down because he owns the copyrights to the show.. Gary Spivey is a SOCIAL ENGINEER… NOT a psychic… he starts off ALL his ‘readings’ asking broad stroke questions and making broad stroke statements… for example… the one is almost ALWAYS says is “I see an older woman”… or “an older man”… NEWS FLASH… EVERY PERSON ON EARTH knows an older woman or an older man that had passed away… that’s just life and common sense… he then boils or chops down the ‘listener’ with more questions until he can make an educated guess as to WHO he is ‘referring’ to… the problem is, the listeners are so gullible they don’t realize that they are practically FEEDING him this information… his social engineering employs deductive logic… which means he reads the person… then uses questions until he reaches a conclusion… P.S. I AM A SOCIAL ENGINEER so that’s how I know what he’s doing… there’s no such thing as a psychic… SOCIAL ENGINEERS are REAL and a lot of them control the world… if there was a psychic … he/she would control the world

    • Cn said

      Well that is not how it was with my conversation with Gary in fact he and I spoke about my sister now this was like 10 years ago. She had COPD AND ASTHMA. AND SMOKED ON AND OFF TOO. He said if she doesn’t quit smoking she will die in 5years I believe that’s what was said.. Well he was exactly correct on the 5 years,!! She unfortunately had an asthma attack and they couldn’t save her and died in her youngest daughters arms!! Very sad and traumatic!

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