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Creationists Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron “Promote” Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’

Posted by mattusmaximus on November 10, 2009

In the latest installment of the lame attempts by creationists to stifle and distort the teaching of evolution, Christian evangelists Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron (yes, that guy on Growing Pains) are giving away copies of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species. Except they’re doing that thing that too many creationists love to do… they screw up science in an effort to promote their own narrow religious ideology. Specifically, Comfort’s Christian ministry – Living Waters – has begun a new program called “Origin Into Schools” where they are distributing free copies of a special reprinted edition of Darwin’s work, complete with an introduction by Ray Comfort himself.

The Secular Student Alliance is all over this, so allow me to reference their page on the matter:

Living Waters, the evangelical Christian ministry of Ray Comfort (Banana Man) and Kirk Cameron (sitcom star of Growing Pains), is on a mission to distribute 100,000 copies of a reprinted version of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, with an introduction by Comfort attempting to refute Darwin’s theories.  You can see Comfort’s explanation of the project on their website.  Or, you can download and read the Introduction in PDF form.

The highlights of the introduction, according to Kirk Cameron (who explains the project on YouTube), include “a timeline of Darwin’s life, Adolf Hitler’s undeniable connection with the theory, Dariwn’s racism, his disdain for women and Darwin’s thoughts on the existence of God.”  The introduction also “lists the theory’s many hoaxes.”

David Waters’ column “Origin of the Specious” in the Washington Post,  sums up the project quite nicely.

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Chicago Skepticamp Needs Speakers!

Posted by mattusmaximus on November 10, 2009

I wanted to let everyone know about an effort I’m helping to organize to bring a Skepticamp event to the Chicago-area on March 6th, 2010 – we’re calling it Skepchicamp…

We are currently in the early stages of organizing the conference, and one of the things we need most right now are speakers.  Please read our latest press release for more information on this, and consider getting involved or at least passing along the news:

Skepchicamp looking for speakers

Skepchicamp, an informal skeptical convention scheduled for March 6, is looking for speakers.  Speakers are welcome to give a 15 minutes speech on any topic related to skepticism, followed by five minute of questions and answers.  In additions to speeches, demonstrations, magic shows, and panel discussions will also be considered.  While speakers are encouraged to focus on women in skepticism or women in science, it is not a requirement.  People interested in speaking should e-mail

Speakers currently scheduled to appear include Hemant Mehta, creator of the Friendly Atheist blog and author of “I Sold My Soul on Ebay” and Skepchick bloggers Bug Girl, Elyse Anders, and Jen Myers.

Skepchicamp  is an informal convention with the goal of promoting skeptical thinking in the Chicago area.  Unlike formal conventions, everyone who attends Skepchicamp is expected to participate in some way.  That can include giving a speech, serving food, helping to set up a room, or donating money.   The goal is to create a laid-back event driven by the participants.

Skeptics believe that everything should be examined with scientific rigor, and generally choose to suspend belief (or agree to append beliefs) based on the availability of adequate evidence. Many skeptics do not believe in the supernatural simply have not seen enough credible evidence to convince us that they exist. They are not curmudgeons who dislike ghost stories. There are, however, many things that skeptics do believe in. Like love, the power of beauty, art, friendship, humor, and sports because we know these things to be true. Nothing falsifiable is exempt from scrutiny.

William Brinkman
Ph: 630 663 0194

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