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XKCD Nails It on Homeopathy

Posted by mattusmaximus on November 2, 2011

In the way that only XKCD can, a very cogent point is made regarding homeopathy.  Recall the specific claim that homeopathy proponents make regarding their “solutions” basically containing no active ingredients, then read this comic…

In case you don’t click the link, mousing-over the XKCD graphic on their page reveals the following text:

“I just noticed CVS has started stocking homeopathic pills on the same shelves with–and labeled similarly to–their actual medicine. Telling someone who trusts you that you’re giving them medicine, when you know you’re not, because you want their money, isn’t just lying–it’s like an example you’d make up if you had to illustrate for a child why lying is wrong.”

Well said, XKCD.  Bravo 🙂

4 Responses to “XKCD Nails It on Homeopathy”

  1. Unfortunately, this sort of misconception, while funny, can be quite deadly. The reality is that a 1x homeopathic is one part in ten, which is mild compared to many medications. But based on the comic and this post, a person might feel quite comfortable ingesting several full bottles of 1x arsenicum, and arsenic poisoning would result. Homeopathics used in the under 30x category contain the initial substance in measurable quantities. What is stocked on the shelves in pharmacies is likely to contain some remedies in the 1x to 3x categories, which are herbs that can be quite powerful and interact with medication.

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