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Skeptical Teacher Interview on Token Skeptic

Posted by mattusmaximus on December 27, 2011

Based upon my recent blog post concerning using mythology as a critical thinking tool for children, I was interviewed a few days ago by my skeptical colleague Kylie Sturgess of the Token Skeptic podcast.  In the interview we discussed a variety of topics related to this issue, with a touch of fun thrown in for good measure.  Check it out! 🙂

Episode Ninety-Six — On Critical Thinking And Santa (Again) — Interview with Matt Lowry

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 27:59 — 25.6MB) | Embed

Recently Matt Lowry wrote a blog-post on Using Mythology as a Critical Thinking Tool: The Lesson of Santa for Kids – just as Tim Minchin wrote a piece for the New Statesman about his own efforts to balance a pro-naturalistic worldview and living a life unencumbered by superstition, while raising kids and encouraging a love of fiction.

Matt Lowry is best known as the Skeptical Teacher – a high school physics teacher, plus a part-time physics and astronomy college professor, contributor to the James Randi Educational Foundation Education Advisory Group and awesome presenter for kids’ shows at Dragon*Con.

For this interview we talk about all of these things (and whether Santa might actually be a Time Lord with a sleigh made out of quantum-something-or-other).

During the discussion, we also talk about Barbara Drescher’s blog-post at the JREF Swift: An Argument for Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and (gasp!) Even JesusHere’s another great link to the Physics of Santa!

4 Responses to “Skeptical Teacher Interview on Token Skeptic”

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  2. Alex Murdoch said

    Thanks for this. I did go back and listen to the original podcast (could it really have been episode #1?). Being the father of three kids and having had some probing questions from my 8 year-old, I’ve been anticipating their entry into asking questions. It’s a dilemma that I think we all know is coming. It would be nice to know if there have been any panel discussions on skeptical parenting. I’m a passionate skeptic, but I tend to keep it to myself, there’s something about the magic and wonder of Christmas and other celebrations that I don’t want to be a “dick” about. Might be a good idea for upcoming conferences. Maybe some day I’ll get to TAM or NECSS.

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